Speakout Pre-Intermediate
Brand new: published February 2011
Authentic: one BBC video per lesson
Real: downloadble video podcasts of real-life interviews
Varied: rich variety of activities in all language areas
Active: Active Book DVD for students, Active Teach DVD for teachers, including the whole coursebook,
                  extra practice, audio, video & more!

free downloadable activities, podcasts, video clips, teaching tips at www.pearsonlongman.com/speakout
Attractive: excellent design, colourful photos, 21st century lay out.

A lot more than what you used to find in a coursebook… we’re reaching beyond…

I S B N 13
I S B N 10
P V P 2011
9781408219324 1408219328 Speakout Pre-Int Sbk DVD/AB pk $ 550
9781408259504 1408259508 Speakout Pre-Int Wbk - key and CD pk $ 290
9781408216750 1408216752 Speakout Pre-intermediate Active Teach $ 1950
9781408216736 1408216736 Speakout Pre-intermediate Class CD (x3) $ 690
9781408216804 1408216809 Speakout Pre-intermediate Teacher's Book $ 690

Speakout Pre-Int Sbk
Speakout Pre-intermediate Teacher's Book

This material will be 
available in Uruguay 
by mid April. 

For further information contact Pearson Uruguay
Pearson House – Maldonado 2324, Montevideo Info-ur@pearson.com or tel.: 2403 2800